An Evening with Tigress T19 aka Krishna – Ranthambore National Park.

Photographer: Abhijeet Anant Sawant
Nationality: Indian,
Photo Story:

An Evening with Krishna

Location: Zone 3 – Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

December 2014

From Rajbagh Lake to Malik Talab.

It was the evening of December 2014, My first drive in to the Ranthambore National  Park.  Our guide and forest guard told us that we will be going in to the Rajbag Lake zone – Zone 3 of the reserve forest.  This is now the territory of Tigress T19 aka Krishna and she was raising 3 cubs.  During the morning Safari, the forest guard had spotted the tigress somewhere in the bushes at the edge of Rajbagh Lake.  Hence our guide expected that Krishna will move out of the Lake area and return to her Cubs, which were hidden in ravines near Malik Talab.  After waiting for some over 30 minutes, there was a Sambar calling out sensing danger.  Our vehicle driver drove us towards the direction of the call and we could hear some movement in the tall bushes besides the Rajbagh lake.  At first we could only see the tail which was standing vertically emerging out on top of the bushes.  Our guide perfectly positioned our vehicle and as expected the tigress emerged out of the bushes just in front of our vehicle.  Krishna started walking on a designated path which she knew would take her to cubs.  We followed Krishna for almost an hour  and during this time she came very close to our vehicle four times giving many opportunities to have good head on photographs.

Equipment details:

Camera: Canon EOS600D

Lens: Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 IS II USM

Tripod not used.


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