Wildlife Sighting: First Leopards in Wild!!

My first leopard sighting in wild n what a sighting it was… Leopards are naturally solitary and the chances of sighting them in more nos together are only during mating season or when a mother leopard is raising cubs. I had a long time desire to see a leopard in wild but the most elusive amongst the #BigCats was keepng distance n making me wait since many years. And in Dec 2013 it became a reality at #Kabini. A double bonanza… Mating leopard couple on a tree. A marathon sighting.. Waited for almost an hour for the leopards to come out in open and then watched them for more than hour as they climbed a tree and indulged in one of the beautiful scenes of wild nature. This cud not have been possible without my lady luck with me… My love n life @pranalirn was with me for the first time on a safari. It was her first ever wildlife safari and she hit a jackpot for me… Her luck brought us in front of these leopards in love.

The Kabini Scene - Mating Leopards2

And this month, Jan 2015, I Won a contest for this shot.  Feeling awesome!!! #seaonsinthewild #TajSafaris



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