The Purple Rumped Sunbird


Purple Rumped Sunbird (male) – Mumbai 2014

Conservation Status: LC – Least Concerned (IUCN 3.1)

Scientific Name: L. zeylonica

These birds are less than 10cm long in size and mainly feed on nectar but sometimes feed on insects.  Male are brightly colored while female are olive above and yellow to buff colored below.

Most of the people who see this bird has this question – Why it is named Purple ‘Rumped’ Sunbird. Usually the characterisitc that gives this bird it’s name, The “Purple Rump” is not visible when the bird is perched with it’s wings folded. Rump is the dorsal part of the bird just below where reach of the wings. If you see this pic carefully, you will see a purple patch just visible below at the end of the folded wings of the bird. This is what gives this bird it’s name – Purple Rumped Sunbird.


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